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is a specialist in corporate vision, mission and positioning issues, as well as employee communications.

He has managed assignments for such well-known organizations as ABB, ITT, Akzo-Nobel, McDonnell-Douglas and the Royal Netherlands Army.

His work in mergers & acquisitions has allowed his clients create competitive advantage out of different corporate cultures and nationalities.

He has helped them to focus on the strengths these combined entities can unleash, rather than the problems mergers and acquisitions can create.

Successfully completed assignments in this area include those for Telia/KPN and Boston Consulting Group/Horringa & de Koning.

Mr. De Bakker had a 20 year long career at Burson-Marsteller, the international public relations firm.

He worked and lived in the UK, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and his home country, the Netherlands.

He served on the boards of Y&R, Telia Infomedia and CTN Corporate Television Networks and was a co-founder and director of Certiked, the ISO-9000 quality certification institute for the professional services industry in the Benelux countries.

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