Choose the program that best addresses your intercultural training needs from the following curricula, and locate the class number on the attached calendar:

"Building Cultural Bridges: Developing Effective Global Teams"(GMD-1)
develop a smooth, interdependent and effective workforce worldwide, to succeed with a specific project, specific culture, or to build a global corporate vision.

"Effective International Negotiations"(GMD-2)
learn the secrets of cross-cultural negotiation techniques around the world, and in those cultures most relevant to your interests.

"Effective International Presentation Skills"(GMD-3)
practice the presentation behaviors that work around the world, or in specific targeted cultures.

"Business Beyond Borders: Developing a Global Mindset"(GMD-4)
cascade the secrets of successful intercultural communication and management throughout your entire organization, and build a global workforce, at home and abroad.

"Doing Business with … : Country-by-country in-depth explorations at doing business in individual major world regions, designed to provide the critical information you need on all aspects of work and business. Programs include:

"Doing business with western europe" (GMD-5)

"Doing business with central & eastern europe" (GMD-6)

"Doing business with north america" (GMD-7)

"Doing business with latin america" (GMD-8)

"Doing business with the middle east & arab world" (GMD-9)

"Doing business with east asia" (GMD-10)

"Doing business with south & central asia" (GMD-11)

Doing business with sub-sahara africa" (GMD-12)

"GOING GLOBAL for International Human Resource Professionals"(GMD-13)
Introduces the challenges of international relocation to your in-house human resource team responsible for managing the international relocation process.

"Creating Corporate Culture"(GMD-14)
Learn how to create and implement a successful corporate culture by developing an integrated company vision, mission, strategy, and positioning, both internally and externally.

"Myers-Briggs Testing & Training"(GMD-15)
Determine what personality type you are and how differences in personality and preferred styles of management can impact your communications via certified Myers-Briggs Testing and coaching.

"Business Without Borders":(GMD-16)
Managing the Hybrid Organization: Become skilled at managing the hybrid organization by understanding the different values that give rise to diverse behaviors at the international, corporate and individual level.

"Sr. Managers Training Program"(GMD-17)
Learn what every manager needs to know to successfully manage their team: delegation, empowerment, decision-making, conflict resolution, how to set goals, monitor, feedback, successfully integrate cultural differences and learning styles.

"Design Your Own Life"(GMD-DYL)
This is a special program for partners and guests, who want to advance their own personal empowerment, and growth, by developing their personal vision, mission, strategy and learning more effective communication skills. Free days are an introduction to the Provencal/Cote D'Azur style of life. Truly an enriching experience!

"Living and Working in France…"(GRS-17)
Preparing to live and work in France? Be prepared! Learn the secrets of successful adaptation to the French expatriate life.

PLEASE NOTE: All Our Programmes Can Be Custom-Designed for Your Organization and It's Specific Needs. Be Sure to Let Us Know if There is a Seminar that We Can Develop for You and Your Group.

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