)diversophy® games for training & teaching

What is )diversophy®?
1. The know-how needed to deal successfully with people of other backgrounds.
2. A game designed to develop global & local competence in its players.

DIVERSOPHY® is a game in which players will...
  • discover useful FACTS about different groups & other parts of the world
  • learn how to SPEAK & ACT when living or working with others
  • INTERACT with each other's varied background & experiences
  • get INSIGHTS & TACT from experts about the group they are exploring
  • see how they REACT to the risks of living & working with other cultures

  • Play the way you want to...
  • Use a CARD GAME (pictured above) for training or classroom group learning in groups of 3-8 people. Several groups may play simultaneously with a single game package.
  • Play using cards only from a randomized card deck, or by rolling a six-colored rolling cube. A question mark on the rolling cube also allows the player to ask a cultural question of another in the group, further encouraging players to share and discuss their differences and similarities.
  • Players respond to and follow the instructions on the cards, trying to choose the best answers and most appropriate behaviors for the environment they are discussing. They keep the cards they win and discard those they lose.
  • Individuals and teams with the most cards at the end of the game are the champions of the day, but everyone who learns is a permanent winner.
  • ONLINE PLAY can be arranged for any number of individuals and groups on our server or yours.
  • CUSTOMIZED GAMES can be made to your specifications with exactly the content you want to learn and the issues you want to explore.

  • Flags in the list below will take you a version of the game in that language

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