Brand Italy - A Guide to the Italians. Understanding the Attitudes, Values and Culture of the Italian People is about what makes Italians so special, and what they must do to keep their competitive edge.
Cynthia Sanders Milani uses branding as an insightful technique for examining Italian identity-an amalgam of the country’s unique landscape, history, politics, religious traditions, daily life and business practices.
Milani, who traded her New York City life for la dolce vita in Italy, draws on her personal experiences of more than 25 years living and working with Italians, as well as the countless seminars in intercultural communication and branding she has conducted for government institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, and expatriates across the world to bring these pages to life.
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As increasing numbers of Americans do business in international markets, they are finding that knowledge of cultural differences can significantly help the negotiation process and increase the success rate of new ventures.
Bargaining Across Borders (voted one of the top 10 business books by the American Library Association), is a practical, “how-to” guide to negotiating successfully in virtually any foreign culture, from Latin America to the Pacific Rim.
It describes how specific cultural differences impact on business and discloses easily accomplished negotiating strategies for managing the cultural barriers that obstruct success.
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Culture Guides-To-Go are down-loadable, travel-ready snapshots of all the important cultural “dos and don’ts” you need to know to make your next international trip a success…whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.
Filled with essential information on everything from business dress to dining etiquette, from negotiation strategies to gift-giving protocols, each country’s own Culture Guide-To-Go is chock full of just-in-time cultural information.
Based on Dean’s books, but ready to go when you are…just choose your country of choice, and you will receive critical cultural survival information directly to your computer.
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